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Committee Chairs

Constitution & Bylaws - Dr. Laji James

DENPAC - Dr. Gregory Oelfke

Dental Health - Dr. Victoria Vo and Dr. Heston Young

Diversity - Dr. Victor Rodriguez

Electronic Communications - Dr. Susan Orisafunmi

Judicial - Dr. Edward Sauer

Legislative Action - Dr. Adam Shisler

Peer Review - Dr. Michael Hodapp

Media Relations - Dr. Terri Alani

New Dentist - Dr. Katie Stuchlik and Dr. Lindsey Wendt

Nominating - Dr. Randal Glenn

Program - Dr. Kathy O'Keefge

Recruitment & Retention - Dr. Adrien Theriot and Dr. Laura Nelson

Scholarship - Dr. Glenda Owen

Sponsorship - Dr. Glenad Owen and Dr. Glennis Katzmark

Star of the South Dental Meeting - Dr. Karen Walters

Strategic Planning - Dr. Steven Vaughan​​​​​​​​​​