Journal Editorial Advisory Board

This Board is designed to assist the Editor in coordinating the content of the Journal.

Commitment:  No meetings to attend. Contribute and/or review articles as needed. 


Scholarship Committee

This committee oversees the UTSD DS3 Dental Student Scholarship.  Responsibilities include updating the scholarship criteria, application and other materials as needed; ensuring that the application materials are distributed to UTSD; reviews scholarship applications; and selects the annual recipient. 

Commitment:  Committee meets 3-4 times per year.


Scientific Program Committee

This committee selects the speakers and the conference session topics for the annual Star of the South Dental Meeting. 

Commitment:  Committee meets up to 4 times per year. 


Membership Contact Task Force

Members of this Task Force contact GHDS members and non-members via phone, email, or text when the need arises.  Examples when the Task Force would be called into action include dues renewal time; member recruitment efforts; or other important outreach where peer to peer contact is important. 

Commitment:  Time commitment is dependent on GHDS need.