GHDS Staff

Executive Director
Kathryn Lewis 

Board of Directors
Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Executive Committee
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Scholarship Committee
Strategic Planning Committee
Legislative Action Committee / DENPAC
Membership Committee

Assistant Executive Director and
Director of Education, Meetings & Exhibitions
Charlotte Bolls, CMP
Star of the South Dental Meeting - Planning/Management
GHDS Programs
Programs and Sponsorship Committee
Scientific Programming
Star of the South Council
Peer Review & Judicial Committee

Director of Communications / Managing Editor
Jennifer Smith

Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society
Journal Advisory Board

The Bite Newsletter
GHDS Social Media Channels - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages
Electronic Communications

Communications Committee
Dental Health Committee
Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Peer Review & Judicial Committee
Membership Coordination & Support

Star of the South Dental Meeting - Scientific Table Clinics