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Come and Take it with drill
GRB Picture for Presidents Messages


by G. Rihl Buckley, DDS

One of the challenges of writing an article for the Journal is that it must be written several months before it’s published.  As of today, our beloved Astros are in first place (barely) and by the time you will be reading this, they’ll either be headed toward another World Series or they’ll have packed up and started resting up for next year.  If only I had a crystal ball.  A world series repeat is difficult, even for the best of teams.

Speaking of such, we dentists face a similar challenge this January with a new Legislative Session beginning in Austin.  We did quite well in the last session protecting the practice of dentistry, and as I look at my crystal ball, I see a repeat in the making.  The TDA is busy preparing an agenda of legislative issues to take to Austin once again to protect the profession which we hold so dearly.  But it won’t happen by itself.  

We need everyone to suit up and take the field to win one for our patients and the practice of dentistry. Politics can seem like an unseemly business, but we all need to get in the game. There are several ways you can contribute:

Advocate for dentistry by reaching out to your Congressman or Senator to let him or her know where you stand on the issues.  The TDA can provide the resources you need to help communicate with your representatives.

• Support dentistry financially by donating to DENPAC.

• Suit up and join us in Austin for Legislative Day on February 20, 2019.  It’s a great way to spend the day with colleagues from around the state and meet with your legislators face to face.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Here’s something even easier.  Plan on attending the GHDS Legislative Meeting on Tuesday, October 30th at the BraeBurn Country Club.  There will be a panel discussion put on by the TDA featuring Dr. William Gerlach – TDA President, Dr. Craig Armstrong – Vice-Chair, ADA Council on Government Affairs, Dr. Matthew B. Roberts – Chairman, TDA Council on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs and Mr. Jess Calvert – TDA Director of Public Affairs to fill you in on our legislative agenda and to answer any questions you may have.  This will also be a great time to meet some of our newest members as well as reconnect with “old” friends. Additionally, there will be dental students in attendance with whom you can visit as well.

I’ll keep saying it; Dentistry, it’s worth the fight.  As hard as it is just to make it through a day of practicing dentistry, advocating for our profession can seem like a luxury you can’t afford. Let me assure you that not advocating for dentistry will have a far worse effect. Organized dentistry may look like herding cats, but disorganized dentistry will look like rats running off a sinking ship.  Let’s all suit up, get on the field and win one for the home team!
GRB Picture for Presidents Messages