Communications Committee

This committee serves to monitor and provide analysis of all GHDS electronic and web-based communications. Promote programs of organized dentistry through web, email, the GHDS Journal, the GHDS Newsletter “The Bite,” and social media pages. Promotes relationships and special coverage with the media. Plans special initiatives to increase member participation and engage members in fun activities on an ongoing basis.

Commitment: Committee meets 4 times per year.

Constitution and Bylaws

This committee, when instructed by the Board of Directors shall examine the Constitution and Bylaws and/or the Manual of Operational Procedures and recommend to the Society any proposed amendments or revisions.

Commitment: Committee meets as needed.

Dental Health Committee

This committee coordinates programs to heighten public awareness of the importance of oral health. Additionally, the committee promotes the dental profession through alliances created with secondary schools to partner in career fairs that increase interest in dental careers with youth. The committee coordinates activities with such entities as UTSD Houston, Houston ISD and district wide ISDs, Science Engineering Fair of Houston, PIMA Medical Institute, Greater Houston Dental Hygiene Association, and area dental clinics. The committee oversees Veterans Smile Day and Give Kids a Smile Day during National Children’s Dental Health Month. Promotes quality oral health care and education in targeted and vulnerable populations to include children, military veterans and geriatric and special care patients.

Commitment: Committee meets 4 times per year and could increase for special projects including participation in outreach events health, and/or career fairs as needed.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

This committee serves to increase membership and participation with diverse dentists and promotes cultural awareness in the Greater Houston Dental Society.

Commitment: Committee meets 3 times per year (traditionally September, November & January) plus participation in educational and/or social event as needed.

Legislative Action Committee

The LAC Committee monitors state and national legislation and works with local and state legislators as advocates for the dental profession. Under the LAC umbrella, the DENPAC/ADPAC committee encourages members to contribute to state and national PACs.

Commitment: Committee meets 2 times per year (more if needed for a politically busy year); plus, participation at the Fall General Member Meeting (Legislative Event); student functions; TDA Legislative Day; and other events/activities as needed.
Membership Committee
The Membership Committee recruits new members, works to retain current members, promotes GHDS programs and events and strives to maintain a high level of participation from the membership. The committee also provides a forum for and addresses the needs of dentists out of school 10 years or less. Programs include committee meetings, study clubs and socials.

Commitment: Committee meets 4 times per year (traditionally March, April, July & September), plus participation in student functions and other types of recruitment activities and provides new member orientation.
Programs & Sponsorship Committee
This committee plans the Society’s meetings, CE programs and events and works with the Scientific Program Committee to secure speakers. Obtains partnerships for Society programs and Star of the South Dental Meeting.

Commitment: Committee meets up to 6 times per year.

Star of the South Council

The Star of the South Council plans and oversees the annual Star of the South Dental Meeting. Council members serve a 4-year term and serve as Chair on the 4th year of their term. Board approval is required for new Council members. Members of the Council also serve on the Scientific Program Committee and Sponsorship Committee as needed.

Commitment: Council meets up to 4 times per year. For Scientific Program Committee commitment, please see that section.