Peer Review Committee – Mediation

The Peer Review Committee reviews disputes between dentist and patients, and cases involving a third party, such as an insurance company. The Committee evaluates matters related to the quality of treatment performed, appropriateness of care and acts in an advisory capacity regarding fees. The committee is equally responsible to patients, dentists and insurance carriers.

State Board Rule 108.3 relating to consumer information, requires all practicing Texas dentists to display signage notifying patients that complaints concerning dental services can be directed to the State Board. The signage is available on the State Board website:

The TDA Peer Review Council has developed its own complaint sign to be posted in the same vicinity as the sign from the TSBDE. The posting of the Peer Review signage is completely voluntary.

See the Related Content link at the bottom of this page to download a copy of the Peer Review Complaint Sign or contact our staff at (713) 961-4337 for more information.

Judicial Committee – Mediation

The Judicial Committee of the Greater Houston Dental Society serves to maintain the highest legal, ethical and moral standards of its members. The committee functions include:

Mediating Dentist-to-Dentist complaints along with those referred by the Peer Review Committee involving Patient-to-Dentist complaints.
To review all applications for membership as specified in the Bylaws of the Society.
To distribute the TDA Code of Ethics to each dental practictioner.
To further expand Ethics Education programs for dental students.

Contact our staff at (713) 961-4337 for more information.