2020 Scholarship Winner
Congratulations 2020 GHDS Scholarship Recipient

We are proud to highlight Mr. Andrew Mai, the recipient of the Greater Houston Dental Society’s 2020 Scholarship Award.  Founded in 2014, this scholarship maintains the goal of facilitating the education of dental students who exhibit leadership, community service, and academic achievement. The scholarship also helps dental students defray some of the expenses from their professional education. Mr. Mai discusses his experience as a GHDS scholarship recipient in the following article.

Mr. Mai, would you kindly describe your introduction to and involvement with the GHDS Scholarship? 

My name is Andrew, and I’m a third-year dental student at UTSD.  The GHDS has been an important part of my career beginning with my undergraduate years. Through volunteer and educational experiences, I have been able to connect with some of the leaders in the profession. I am thrilled to receive this year’s award because it confirms my efforts as I work towards the legacy so many mentors have created.

What opportunities have presented themselves as result as GHDS Scholarship Recipient?

This scholarship has enabled me to defer some of the costs of dental school. I hope to pay it forward one day by staying involved within my community.

How has this status inspired you?

I want to make the most out of my life, and this scholarship has allowed me to reflect on my experiences as I strive to impact those around me. It’s an honor to receive this award with so many other great candidates, so I hope to share that inspiration and appreciation by staying positive and motivating others to be their best self.

Please share your future professional goals and plans.

Gladly! Following dental school, my intention is to continue my education through a one-year general dentistry residency. I am always curious to learn more and would love to dive into more complex cases.

Is there anyone you would credit in helping you achieve the status of GHDS Scholarship Recipient?

One of my favorite faculty mentors is Dr. Ana Neumann. She is always positive and encouraging. Dr. Neumann has been an amazing advisor with a heart for dental public health.

What advice would you give other GHDS Scholarship Recipient hopefuls?

Everyone in dental school is extremely competitive, but it’s always worth the effort to give every opportunity your best shot.  Everyone has their flaws, but at the end of the day, it’s better to not live in regret.