Dental Health Committee Leadership Continues Service to Houston Area Organizations

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This year  I was very excited to start work on the Dental Health Committee under the leadership of our current president, Dr. Kathy O’Keefe.  Kathy not only was excited to get stated but has also been a regular volunteer at our DHC events for years.  She has done a great job holding down the fort at GHDS under extremely trying times for dentistry.  Thank you Dr. O’Keefe for your very hard work.   Many of us in the profession have found ways to continue to help in the community on either the individual  level  or in small volunteer groups in a very focused event.  I have had the great opportunity to provide dental cleanings to the residents at The Brookwood Community alongside  Dr. Tommy Harrison for many years.  Also Dr. O'Keefe spearheaded a small scale donation of oral hygiene supplies and education to a group of very needy individuals which was facilitated through the Interfaith Ministries of Houston.  

My mantra this year to our committee members at our meetings has been that each one of us should search for ways to help however they can, in and out of dentistry dentistry. For me personally I have managed to stay busy in my volunteer work but on a smaller scale.  Though smaller it is all very rewarding!  This committee of the GHDS gets to experience great joy and satisfaction from the planning and the execution our projects which directly help the community.  Anyone can be on this committee!   We have members from UH, UTSD, San Jose Clinic, various colleges campuses as well as other Houston health groups.  The Dental Health Committee is a great way to become involved in the Society and meet great people! Contact Ms. Smith, to become a part of the committee.  
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Gary R. Williams D.D.S.
Dental Health Committee Co-Chair, 2020-2021

The above is an excerpt of the full article feature from Dental Health scheduled for the Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society, Summer 2021.