Diversity Committee

Mission: The mission of the Diversity Committee is to increase Diverse membership, participation, and cultural awareness in the Greater Houston Dental Society. If you are interested to serve on this committee, please contact Ms. Fuller: jfuller@ghds.org.

: Dentistry is in a unique position to look at Diversity and its effect on the profession and create new solutions to embrace the changes. By understanding diversity and inclusivity we can help increase diverse membership to carry leadership positions. That is why the Greater Houston Dental society has formed and launched a Diversity committee as one of the potential solutions to increasing membership.

·    Increase Diverse member numbers
·    Reach out to minority dental and student dental organizations in the Greater Houston Area
·    Increase cultural awareness

·    Thursday, August 16, 2018
·    Thursday, October 4, 2018
·    Thursday, February 28, 2019

Committee Events
·    Thursday, September 13, 2018 - UTSB Minority Dental Students Luncheon
·    Thursday, March  7, 2019 - Diversity Social

Dr. Victor Rodriguez, Chairman
Dr. Yara Abdulla
Dr. Neda Amini - International Dentist
Dr. Sarah Arafat
Dr. Alejandro Barrera
Dr.  Jose Bisquerra
Dr. Karol Bryant
Dr. Natalie Carrizales
Dr. Hieu Do
Dr. Simone Ellis
Dr. Zhiyong Fan
Dr. David Fray
D. John Garza
Dr. Barbra Griffin
Dr. Amy Herbert  
Dr. Laji James, Past President
Dr. Steve Koo
Dr. Teresa Ladrillo
Dr. Talya Mintz
Dr. Mai-Tram Nguyen
Dr. Marilia Sly
Dr. Maryam Tabrizi
Dr. Katie To
Dr. Lisa Trevino  
Dr. Jose Wu
Dr. Heston Young
Dr. Fabia Younus
UTSD Student Representatives:
Ms. Jennifer Imani
Mr. Nick Rodriguez
Board Liaison:
Dr. Michelle Thompson
Dr. Rihl Buckley  - President
Dr. Glenda Owen - President-elect