Media Relations Committee

Description: The Media Relations Committee promotes GHDS as the “Voice of Dentistry” for the Greater Houston area. Committee members develop strong working relationships with local radio, television and newspaper representatives. The committee monitors coverage of any dental related topics.


Please use this feedback form for every meeting/interview you SEE OR HAVE with the media. This information is essential for ​the GHDS to monitor how our efforts are going with the Media and ​select a deserving recipient for our annual Media Award. Please email or fax form to the Society office ( - Fax: 713-961-3617)

·    Train media committee members and distribute critical information (Media Alerts) and media educational information to members in a timely manner
·    Create an effective feedback mechanism for committee members and media contacts to report all dentally-related topics covered by the media
·    Become more proactive with the news media instead of defensive by providing them with more information, such as, sending news releases
·    Inform the membership of Dental Media Stories by writing articles for the GHDS Journal
All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Society Office. Specific meeting dates will be ​forthcoming.

Dr. Terri Alani - Chairman
Dr. Mai-Tram Nguyen
Dr. Joshua Kuykendall
Dr. Michelle Thompson
Dr. Karona Tum
Dr. Karen Walters, Star Council Representative
Dr. Edward Sauer, Judicial Committee Representative
Dr. Victoria Vo, Dental Health Committee Representative

Dr. Ingrid Duebbert, Board Liaison
Dr. Rihl Buckley, President
Dr. Glenda Owen - President-elect