For Committee Volunteer opportunities, please review the Committee information in the About Us Section of the Website.


Class Captain - Class Captains verify attendance course tickets; oversee the room seating; and ensure that everyone that enters gets a seat. 

Commitment:  Could range from 2 - 8 hours, dependent upon the class chosen.

Membership Booth
– Membership Booth Volunteers serve as a representative of the Society offering information on programs, events, and information about membership in the Society (tripartite).  Additional duties may include prize drawings, Foundation donations, and other duties as needed.

Clinician Host – Clinician Hosts communicate directly with clinician to ensure their travel, hotel and speaking engagement flow smoothly; and help clinician in the classroom with setup, AV, etc.

Commitment:  Could range from 2 - 8 hours, dependent upon the class chosen.

Exhibitor Lounge Monitor – Monitors the door of the Exhibitors lounge to ensure only exhibitors enter, distribute, and collect contracts for future SOS meeting.

Memory Maker – Memory Makers capture the energy of the Star of the South Dental Meetings.  You would use your cell phone or camera to snap photos of people as you participate in the meeting.  It is a great opportunity for someone who loves taking photos and connecting with people at the same time.  After the meeting, you would send the photos to the GHDS.  Commitment:  As little and as much as you choose.

Photographer – Photographers take structed formal photographs of events such as awards presentations, speakers, etc.  You would need to have your own DSLR or an interchangeable lens camera and would be willing to work with the GHDS staff.  Commitment:  To be determined and based on need and your availability.

Table Clinic Judges – Judging occurs traditionally from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (subject to change).  During that time, we encourage you to spend an average of 5 to 6 minutes per presentation.  You will score each presentation individually and return that score sheet to the GHDS staff person as soon as you have judged each presentation.

Commitment:  Approximately 1-1/2 hours – arriving around Noon and ending around 1:30 pm.

Table Clinic Judges Final Round Judging - Those judges who have volunteered or are selected, will go back out to judge again to determine the top awards prior to the ceremony.

Commitment:  Approximately 30 minutes for Judging and if staying for the Ceremony, total would be approximately 1 hour.

Table Clinic General Volunteers – Provide general assistance to the Star of the South Table Clinics Chairman and Staff as needed, man the check in table for the Table Clinics area, check in Presenters and/or Judges, directs participants in Table Clinic area, gives out CE Code for registrants of the program, gives out presenter certificates, collects completed judge scoring form for staff. 

Commitment:  Approximately 5 hours – between the hours of 12:30 – 5:30 pm.

Support Volunteer - Setup/Tear Down/Other Support as Needed - Provide general assistance in the setup and tear down of the meeting.  This includes loading and unloading supplies, setting up tables and information booths, etc. Staff will direct and may have additional duties as needed.

Commitment: 6 - 8 hours the day before the meeting begins and 4 hours of time on the day the meeting ends after hours.