​GHDS Alliance Information

It is a pleasure to share information and program highlights from District 8 of the Alliance of the Texas Dental Association, or "Greater Houston Dental Alliance." We are grateful for the Alliance's generous financial donation each year to help support the programs of the GHDS Dental Health Committee such as Veterans Smile Day, Give Kids A Smile Day, the Dental Health Poster Contest for Houston ISD students and the Science Engineering Fair of Houston.

Won’t you join us in thanking them for their continued support to the Greater Houston Dental Society and for the great work they perform around the state on behalf of organized dentistry? 

Dental spouses, please consider joining this wonderful organization. Follow this link to download an application for membership to the Greater Houston Dental Alliance.

"District 8 of the Alliance of the Texas Dental Association, also known as the Greater Houston Dental Alliance, hosted its Fall Board meeting in Fredericksburg, September 7-8, 2017. It was truly an honor to represent ATDA participation in the TDA Legislative Day and grassroots efforts on behalf of organized dentistry. I have so much respect for the dedication of these dentists who represent us in Washington. Additionally, Mrs. Terri Shepherd was very involved in planning this event and was unable to attend due to the flooding of her home caused by Harvey." - ATDA Member, Mrs. Heide Heath