Dental Health: Safely serve communities in times of COVID-19 

harrison and williams
Williams at Brookwood Nov 2020


Your Greater Houston Dental Society Dental Health Committee has a very long and rich history of serving our local communities.  This committee, along with its dedicated members, is always planning and preparing for events of all kinds along with our many allied groups.

Things are different now and sadly our large, dental outreach events have all been put on hold.  Part of our mission now is to urge our members to find creative ways, however small, in and out of dentistry to continue to safely serve the public’s oral health needs, promoting our values of altruism and our spirit of giving as we always have had.

In continuing our mission to continue these efforts, your GHDS Dental Health Committee desires to spotlight and showcase our member dentists and other dental professionals who are promoting and performing dentistry for vulnerable populations and the public.

Our GHDS leaders Dr. Gary Williams and Dr. Tommy Harrison regularly volunteer their services at The Brookwood Community helping to take care of the oral health needs of adult residents with physical and mental disabilities. Pictures above include Drs. Williams and Harrison and one at The Brookwood Community facility.  The Dental Health Committee is calling on all of our members to help fill the void left by our current lack of outreach events. Let’s all find creative ways to help in this tough era! Forward ideas to Dental Health Committee staff liaison, Mrs. Jennifer Smith via email    

The Brookwood Community was founded in 1985 for adults with mental and/or physical disabilities preventing them from being successful in living or working on their own.  The range of diversity includes adults with autism spectrum disorders; intellectual disabilities; developmental disabilities; traumatic brain injury; dual diagnosis; and/or aging care needs. Dr. Harrison and Williams have served as veteran volunteers at this facility with great joy and a sense of accomplishment.