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The GHDS Diversity & Inclusion Committee Hosts Panel "Diversity Perspectives from Practicing Dentists"

During UTSD-Houston's Diversity week, the GHDS Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosted a virtual panel discussion, "Diversity Perspectives from Practicing Dentists" that included GHDS member panelists Dr. Neela Patel, Dr. Jessica Marshall, and Dr. Laji James on the afternoon of January 21.  GHDS Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chairman, Dr. Victor Rodriguez moderated the panel session. 

The panelists and moderator shared stories on Diversity and Inclusion regarding their personal dental journeys and dental practice experiences to UTSD-Houston Dental Students, Faculty, and its guests.  The insightful and provocative discussion was well received by participants. Two members of the audience won $50 gift cards.

The GHDS Diversity and Inclusion Committee mission is to promote Diversity & Inclusion Awareness to member dentists and the dental profession and to increase diverse member dentists.