GHDS Member's Pets of the Month - March

The GHDS Communications Committee features our ongoing initative, our monthly Member's Pets of the Month. We're pleased to feature our March Pets of the Month, submitted by member, Dr. Joseph Bernier.  These are his family's adorable pups, "Bear and Elsa."

PET OWNER:      Drs. Joseph and Maria Bernier   
PET NAME & AGE:    Bear and Elsa 
BREEDS:  Rottweiler
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Eating, “Singing” and Hanging out with the Family
FAVORITE TREAT:  Anything that any person is getting ready to eat   
FAVORITE TOY:  Anything with stuffing, because you know what is going to happen with that stuffing...
FAVORITE PLACE TO NAP:  Leather Couch in front of the fireplace
FUNNIEST BEHAVIOR:  “Singing” which everyone finds funny except Daddy…..

Dr Bernier pet 5
Dr Bernier pet 4
Dr Bernier pet 6  Dr Bernier pet 2