GHDS Member's Pet of the Month Feature

As an ongoing initiative to engage our GHDS members and local dental community, the GHDS is happy to highlight our GHDS member Pet of the Month submitted by Dr. Gary Williams.  Meet "Yoda!"  Please read about Yoda's story below. 

Yoda close up.November or December 2023 Yoda Dr. Williams Brookwood Folks_IMG_4175 (1) 



“My name is Yoda Williams. Dr. Gary Williams is my human who I have learned to endear myself to and therefore take advantage of him all the time. Us dogs know how to make things go our way.

I had a very difficult puppyhood and was in a very bad situation over and over where I had no idea where I fit in at all.  I am just a little Terrier dog and was with great big dogs all the time. I was struggling.

Fortunately, I was in a foster home right next door to my current owner. Dr. Gary offered to take me overnight with his great Daschund “Pee Wee” who has been the GHDS Pet of the Month twice!

He was holding me like a baby and when our eyes met, I asked him if I could stay with him forever. He said for sure. And wow, here I am as the GHDS Pet of the Month.

The only thing I do not like is my owner is a dentist and he always tries to pick at my teeth. If I am in trouble, he chases me around threatening to pull all my teeth.

My human dad Dr. Gary always tries to be busy and helps in the community where he can. He even brings Pee Wee and I to events at times where we get to be therapy dogs. My goal from here on out is to be the Pet of the Month again!”


Yoda Williams