GHDS Member's Pet of the Month

As an ongoing initiative to benefit our GHDS members and local dental community, the GHDS Communications Committee is happy to highlight our members' Pets of the Month.  

It is our pleasure to announce the next Pet of the Month, submitted by Dr. Gary Williams.  Meet "Pee Wee" our featured Pet of the Month!

Jeff Brookwood..Dec 2022 Long grass dogs.Yoda and Pee Wee.Dec 22 Pet of Month   PeeWee B-wood.Dec 2022


“I am humbled to receive my second pet of the month award from the Greater Houston Dental Society. Everywhere I go, humans always want to pet me and say hello.  Other dogs and people can always sense my kindness and willingness to give and help.

We now have a little canine brother named “Yoda” who I am mentoring and guiding to be a great community volunteer of our dental society and to always help when we can.  We are both therapy dogs who volunteer alongside our dad at The Brookwood Community. 

I am hoping that in the future, “Yoda” will be the GHDS Pet of the Month!  He still needs experience, but I highly recommend him.

My daddy Gary is gone quite a bit helping in the community.  Even though we miss him, he is teaching us to always try to be helpful!”


Pee Wee Williams