GHDS Communications team highlights member specialist Dr. Pamela Clark for the next Practice Spotlight!

Pamela Clark DDSWe are pleased to highlight Pamela Clark, DDS for our September Member Practice Spotlight. Dr. Clark is a Pediatric Dentistry Practitioner in Pearland, TX and has over 20 years of experience in the field. She is board certified with the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Clark attends multiple continuing education courses in pediatric dentistry, with courses in oral sedation, treatment of children with special needs, dental materials, emergency management, laser dentistry, diagnosis and restorative procedures, and oral pathology, as well as many other topics. Dr. Pamela Clark loves what she does and cares about each child she treats.

Please read our team’s interview with Dr. Clark:

Where are you from and where did you attend college, dental school, and residency if any?

I attended Texas A&M College Station to study biomedical science after spending my entire childhood in the same home in Pearland. I attended the University of Texas Houston School of Dentistry after finishing college, where I also finished the Pediatric Dental Residency program.

Clark DDS in practice 2
What is your favorite part about your practice? 

My favorite thing about my practice is the people and the relationships we build with each patient while incorporating new technology and techniques. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to treat many patients from their first exam at 1 year of age to their graduation from high school or college. Our team enjoys getting to know each patient and their families, and every year, we look forward to receiving Christmas cards and graduation announcements. One of my objectives as a pediatric dentist is to give my patients a good, positive experience and to help them develop into adults who are engaged in their own oral health care. I am blessed to work with a great team/work family who cares about the patients and the patients’ families.

What would you say is the mission statement of how to practice dentistry?

Our office’s mission statement is to provide high-quality dentistry in a safe, compassionate, kid-friendly environment. A simpler mission statement for us is to do the right thing. We treat each patient as their own individual and care for them like we would care for our own children.

Clark DDS in practice 1
How do you balance work and personal life?

Balancing work and personal life can be challenging at times. My two beautiful, teenage girls were born after I established the practice as a solo practitioner. After I had our second daughter, I made the decision to have a full-time, associate pediatric dentist join the office. Adding an associate has given me more flexibility over the years. Additionally, I have a wonderful husband, our family lives nearby in Houston, and we have great friends, so I have a strong support system. I strive to stay organized with calendars and schedules.

What advice would you give to current dental students?

First of all, I'd want to congratulate the current dental students for enrolling in dentistry school and making a fantastic career choice. In terms of advice, I'd recommend making the most of this period of time to educate themselves in business, concentrate on providing ethical patient care, and maintain good grades to allow more career options if they decide to specialize.  I would also highly recommend joining organized dentistry because that is how we work together as a profession to advocate for patients and for ourselves as dentists.