As one of our ongoing GHDS initiatives, we feature our next Pets of the Month submitted by GHDS member Dr. Joseph Bernier.

PET OWNER:      Drs. Joseph and Maria Bernier   

BREEDS:  Bichon Frise, Rottweiler and Doberman 

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Doberman and Rottweilers are champion show dogs and the Bichons are working toward their championships.  

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Eating, “Singing” and Hanging out with the Family

FAVORITE TREAT:  Anything that any person is getting ready to eat   

FAVORITE TOY:  Anything with stuffing, because you know what is going to happen with that stuffing….

FAVORITE PLACE TO NAP:  Leather Couch in front of the fireplace

FUNNIEST BEHAVIOR:  “Singing” which everyone finds funny except Daddy…..