The Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society
is the primary communication of the Society to its members and is one of the most valuable and visible benefits of membership in organized dentistry.
It is recognized and respected across the state and has won national  acclaim and awards. Established in 1929, the GHDS Journal has a monthly circulation of more than 1,600.  The Journal is published four times per year. Following is the schedule for the 2020-2021 publication.

JOURNAL ISSUE                                                                             PUBLISHING DEADLINES                                         
 Quarter 1 - Fall Issue   (September/October)  August 14, 2020
 Quarter 2 - Winter Issue  (November/December)  October 2, 2020
 Quarter 3 - Spring Issue (February/March)  December 21, 2020
 Quarter 4 – Summer Issue (May/June)  March 19, 2021

Interested to advertise the The Journal?
The GHDS is pleased to present its advertising rates and guidelines, publishing deadlines, and a contract for 2020-2021. Contact Ms. Smith for questions: